Hello. My name is Niko. I paint and design and work at Titmouse Inc.

Yes, Please

Here are Ninja Turtles drawings I did as a thing for a thing!

euclideanplane asked: Hey, fluoride is really harmful in any amount because of electronegative energy, which is the tendency to draw in electrons, this will distort biological functions that have not evolved to cope with the levels of fluoride they are being exposed to, and unfortunately, all well waters on average contain 500 x more fluoride than surface or rain water, surface and rain waters are what we evolved with for the majority of our evolution, rain water is the same as distilled water, you should drink that.

I only drink chocolate milk.

tunawrap asked: do you sell any prints of your work? i would love to hang up a framed picture of your bob's burgers rendition of "runaway" next to my norman rockwell version

Hey! Well, thank you for your interest. I DO (now) sell prints of my work. I just set up an Inprint account. You can find it here.

When the store is all set-up I’ll make an “offical” annoucment, but you can even buy one right now!


Hey everyone. So with the help of my friend efraimklein, I made this really dumb animated short for Titmouse’s “5 Second Day”. I know. It’s dumb. 

thecooloni asked: How are you so great? I wanna be great like you.

Well that’s just a super nice question (And thank you) How do you be great like me? I don’t know that I’m great, but I’ll tell you how to be like me.

1.Sneeze all the time

2.LOVE cookies.

3.Draw all the time

4.Sneeze on the cookies