Hello. My name is Niko. I paint and design and work at Titmouse Inc.

Yes, Please

Hey everyone. So with the help of my friend efraimklein, I made this really dumb animated short for Titmouse’s “5 Second Day”. I know. It’s dumb. 

thecooloni asked: How are you so great? I wanna be great like you.

Well that’s just a super nice question (And thank you) How do you be great like me? I don’t know that I’m great, but I’ll tell you how to be like me.

1.Sneeze all the time

2.LOVE cookies.

3.Draw all the time

4.Sneeze on the cookies

Here’s an album cover I did for a super cool project last year. May have been cancelled. If it happens, I’ll post more info.

Edit: Here’s the info http://www.nearmessrecords.com/product/roommates-members-of-surfer-blood-pop-etc-grand-rapids-7